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America ftw

2010-08-21 23:36:02 by arcansi

We make better games, better food, bigger houses, bigger cars, toilets that don't powerwash your anus, stories that do not involve androgynous teenagers, porn that you can talk about in public, better music, better television, better cartoons, better comics, and an alphabet that is roughly 4000 characters shorter than japs.

God bless America, and may weaboo fags learn that Japanese people hate them as much as other Americans do.

America ftw


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2010-08-21 23:39:43

>actually likes america.
oh u


2010-08-22 05:32:31

USA! :')


2010-08-22 07:02:00

Any reason for using Fallout 1's U.S army for your pic? or do you just appriciate Fallout like me :p?

America, America, somthing somthing blue! for spacious somthing in a field of tomato's!

Thats all I got, Love

- J


2010-08-22 08:04:00

Britain is better we eat crumpets.

arcansi responds:

I guess that explains the problem with their teeth.


2010-08-22 15:01:41

Exactly, but you Americans are all fat.

P.S If you want a stereotype war prepare to lose :3


2010-08-25 05:29:36

you're still a fatfuck who lives their own miserable life in their moms basement.

(Updated ) arcansi responds:

omg hu told u


2010-11-21 20:43:33

I'm cumming patriotic semen


2011-03-04 09:20:06

usa fucking sucks ass and everyone knows it


2011-04-18 23:40:49

Fuck you cunt